We have been blessed over the years to enjoy tremendous support from some great volunteers. They are people with a servant's heart who have helped us meet many of our needs. They have found their experience at The Joy House to be rewarding and fulfilling as you can read from their testimonials.

There are several different ways that people can serve as volunteers and some of those are listed below. If any of these resonate with your heart then please contact us about a volunteer opportunity.

School Tutor:

Many have found this to be a very rewarding experience as they work one-on-one with individual students in our school. You may have strong academic skills in Math, English, Literature, History, etc. and have the desire to serve a teen in this way. 

Prepare a Meal:

Many people have served us by preparing a meal for lunch for our teens and staff during school or partnering with the house parents in one of our boys or girls homes to prepare a meal in the evening. This is a great way to meet and interact with the teens.

Fundraising Event:

We utilize volunteers to help with our two annual BBQ fundraisers to help make the plates and to help drive and deliver. We also have opportunities to serve at our annual banquet with setup and food preparation.

Prayer Team:

We have a couple of faithful prayer warriors that come here once a week and pray for the ministry. You may be one of those who God has called to prayer and would like to serve in this way. This is critical for our work because only Christ can do what we are seeking.


You may be particularly gifted with a certain hobby or craft that you would like to share with our teens. If you desire to come in and share with our teens in this way, contact us.

Organize a drive for goods:

We use a lot of certain items in housing and caring for the teens. Many individuals and groups have supported us by organizing a drive for these products. It includes paper goods, peanut butter, cleaning supplies, etc. An up-to-date list is kept on our website of our current needs. If you would like to bless us this way just contact us and let us know.

Campus Projects:

We periodically have maintenance and development needs on our campus where we can use groups of volunteers. If this is of interest please contact us to find out about any current needs in this area.


Testimonial 1. Knowing that the Joy House was a program for teenagers who were having problems, I expected to find kids with terrible attitudes and who could care less about school. What a surprise! I found young people who wanted help. They are all hard workers and are very appreciative of any help they receive. They are a joy to work with. I tutor two mornings a week and it is the highlight of my week (even better than golf)!If you have some extra time and want a rewarding experience, I encourage you to call the Joy House and volunteer. There are many ways you can volunteer other than being a tutor.

Testimonial 2. The greatest pleasure is getting to know the kids on a one-on-one basis and to see the growth that occurs in their life during the year or so they are there. The opportunity to encourage, help and positively influence a young teen in that tender part of their life is a real opportunity. 

The staff, at the JOY HOUSE, creates a friendly and supportive atmosphere to work in. I am always amazed at the irony of how God works. The more you give, the more is given back to you. This is certainly true in my experience tutoring at the JOY HOUSE. I have certainly received, in new relationships and feed back from the kids, far more than I have contributed.

Testimonial 3. As a volunteer tutor, I always leave the Joy House happy. The kids are wonderful to be with and a true joy to tutor, giving back as much or more than I can give to them. As a retired teacher, I missed teaching for the pure joy of it, and the Joy House has rekindled that feeling. Anyone who is passionate about learning and teaching, anyone who loves kids, should seriously consider helping out!