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  • Guard Your Heart This article was written a few weeks ago looking forward to the New Year. - 2014 (like all years past and future) will begin with a swell of promises and resolutions. Perhaps you have thought “This year I will not be disappointed. This year I will set my sights low and ensure that my resolution vows are like the side of a barn … targets I can’t miss.”... Continue Reading
  • From Why to What - Teen Suicide This article was written in Honor of Andrew Chance – a young man with a big smile whose absence will be deeply felt by the many who loved him. The tragic loss of young lives has unfortunately become a recurring theme in the world around us. Our community is heart-broken as we once again face the difficult process of dealing with the recent loss of young life. We are mindful that suicide rips through American society like a plague resulting in the loss of approximately 46,000 lives per year among those 10-24 years old. Continue Reading
  • Airin' My Dirty Laundry Garry Barber, the director of our Counseling Center, recently began an engagement with our local newspaper, The Pickens Progress, to provide an ongoing series of articles pertaining to dealing with life's issues. What follows is the first in that series. We will continue to post these articles here on our blog going forward. “Ain’t no way I’m goin’ over there and airin’ my dirty laundry to a stranger!” I think this statement best describes the way many people in Pickens County feel about seeking counseling for a personal or family problem. I understand this mindset.... Continue Reading
  • Art of Gentleness - Part 4 - Gentleness is the HEART of the Matter I hope the previous installments of this series on gentleness have caused you to consider the importance of being gentle like Christ. It has been my aim to cause you to measure your own behavior by the standard of gentleness. To live a life that is characterized by gentleness, however, requires a change that is much deeper than behavior modification. Gentleness is a matter of the heart... open entry to continue reading Continue Reading
  • Art of Gentleness - Part 3 The previous two installments in this series on gentleness indicate that as followers of Christ we are to choose to be gentle in order to imitate our Savior. Perhaps you would say, “Great, but is that the only goal? Couldn’t I just be merciful like Christ? ... open entry to continue reading Continue Reading
  • Art of Gentleness: Part 2 - Gentleness is a Decision Is gentleness one of those characteristics that only some are blessed with so only some are expected to demonstrate? In other words, is being gentle like being tall … either you are or you are not. Barring a true miracle of God I will never be more than 5’7” tall. ... open entry to continue reading Continue Reading
  • Art of Gentleness: Part 1 - Jesus the Gentleman “A man has power … a gentleman has his power under control.” I cannot say that I remember with certainty who gave me those words of wisdom. I know that my father lived these words before me. I do not remember him ever actually saying the words but I do remember him demonstrating his strength through kindness, goodness and self-control. So, perhaps I could say that I was introduced to the art of gentleness by my strong and gentle father. ... open entry to continue reading Continue Reading
  • Functioning in a Dysfunctional World There's a distressing but popular term used to describe families today. The term is defined as failing to fulfill the expected purposes and/or the absence of healthy, beneficial characteristics within family relationships. If you guessed the word dysfunction, you've guessed correctly. Dysfunctional families are everywhere and the media makes a lot of money putting them on display. Continue Reading
  • Counseling Center Testimony What follows is a testimony from a client of The Joy House Counseling Center. If you or someone you love is in need of quality Christ-centered counseling as they work through a difficult time in their life, please give Garry a call. The number to The Joy House Counseling Center is 678-452-2037. Hope you enjoy......... I was recommended to Garry by a friend of mine. I was at a point in my life when I was trying to recover after being a long term caregiver for a loved one. My life was a series of closed doors, which kept all my pain at bay. Continue Reading