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The Joy House is a ministry dedicated to restoring teens and families through Christ by providing a home for the teen in crisis and partnering with their families to pursue family restoration. Our program includes; home life for the teen with a mature Christian couple, an accredited academic program, Christ-centered counseling, and our work with the family. The ministry also includes a Christ-centered counseling center to address families and individuals seeking help to work through difficult life issues. Our goal is to bring hope and healing to the family or individual in crisis thus impacting them and future generations.

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  • Guard Your Heart This article was written a few weeks ago looking forward to the New Year. - 2014 (like all years past and future) will begin with a swell of promises and resolutions. Perhaps you have thought “This year I will not be disappointed. This year I will set my sights low and ensure that my resolution vows are like the side of a barn … targets I can’t miss.”... Continue Reading
  • From Why to What - Teen Suicide This article was written in Honor of Andrew Chance – a young man with a big smile whose absence will be deeply felt by the many who loved him. The tragic loss of young lives has unfortunately become a recurring theme in the world around us. Our community is heart-broken as we once again face the difficult process of dealing with the recent loss of young life. We are mindful that suicide rips through American society like a plague resulting in the loss of approximately 46,000 lives per year among those 10-24 years old. Continue Reading
  • Beauty in the Snow The snow storm last week created some beautiful scenery here on our campus. It was also a welcome time for out teens to have some fun sledding and playing in the snow. It did create some interesting adventures for our staff trying to get home on Tuesday after the snow began to fall. (continue for remaining article and pictures) Continue Reading